An Essential Guide To Winter Car Insurance

There are many seasonal issues to think about as winter approaches, and in some areas of the United States, winter feels like it’s already in full swing. Snowplows, winter storms, and icy roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Though your car or truck should be adequately insured all year round, winter car insurance takes into consideration all cold-weather specific issues.

When it comes to winter woes, your best bet is to equip your vehicle with comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. In a collision with another object or car, your repair bills will be paid by collision coverage. Damage that is weather-related or non-crash will be paid for by comprehensive coverage. This could even be a windshield chip that, if left unattended, in freezing temperatures can expand to a large crack.

When it comes to car insurance and wintertime perils, the following will be issues you need to be aware of for winter driving safety – whether you’re facing changing driving environments or natural disasters.


Potholes are a particular problem in certain areas of the United States. In winter, they are a real pain for drivers. They can be hard to see because they’re usually filled with or covered by snow. Until you’re right on top of them, you don’t even know they’re there. Then it’s too late. Your suspension system, rim, wheel, etc., can be severely damaged if you hit a large pothole. Costly repairs can be the result, and they add up fast.

From driving through a pothole, if your wheels are damaged, you can make a claim through your insurance company. If the city didn’t fix the pothole, and it was a certain size, your municipality may have to compensate you for your damages.

Tree Branches

When heavy snow weighs down electrical wires and tree branches, and then everything freezes, they can only manage so much weight before they give way. If a huge branch falls on your car, it could be disastrous. Whenever possible, try not to park under large trees/branches. If you can, use a carport or garage. Your damage should be covered, even if you get hit by a branch if you have comprehensive coverage.


Ideally, snowplows never swipe vehicles. Unfortunately, it happens. If, while you’re parked on the side of the street, your vehicle is hit or swiped by a snowplow, many think it’s pretty straightforward. Not so! If your vehicle is hit while parked in a snowplow route or no parking zone, you could be at fault or at least partially responsible.

Against your municipality or city, you’ll need to file a claim if you get swiped by a neighborhood snowplow. To assess responsibility for the damage, an investigation will be conducted. Cross your fingers! If you can’t get them to pay, you may have to file a claim under your insurance policy. 


Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to earn a discount if you make sure your automobile has winter tires. In snowy and icy weather conditions, driving performance will be improved through the use of these tires. Always keep tires appropriately inflated and make sure they’re in good condition.

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