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About Connecticut

Connecticut is the third smallest state by area and the fourth-most densely populated with 3,605,944 residents living across 4,849 square miles of total land area. The state can be found off the southernmost region of the New England in the United States and it has Rhode Island towards its east and Massachusetts bordering its north. In Connecticut, motorists cannot register a vehicle without a valid auto insurance. An auto insurance policy is required to be presented at the time of vehicle registration.


Auto Insurance Brokerage Services in Connecticut

In Connecticut, a minimum of $25,000 per motorist and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury claim and $25,000 per accident for property damage claim is required by law. It is mandatory for motorists in Connecticut to maintain both liability insurance and underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. When it comes to vehicle registrations, car owners are given a grace period of 60 days to present a valid insurance policy from the date of vehicle purchase.

Commercial Insurance Brokerage Services in Connecticut

Protect your fleets of vehicles and car drivers against damage or loss, bodily harm or other damages to property. Choose a commercial auto insurance for extensive coverage. In order to avoid any financial losses against repairs and liability claims, homeowners must be insured by a property insurance policy.

General insurance protects against financial losses and claims for bodily injury. The policy is ideal for owners of businesses wishing to be covered against claims made in connection with their products or services.

Employers should purchase workers compensation insurance to protect themselves from injury claims for accidents sustained on the job. Business owners can protect their company from corporate risks that incur financial losses through business insurance coverage.


Home Insurance Brokerage Services in Connecticut

A home insurance is necessary to protect yourself from a complete loss of property. The policy safeguards the whole property and your personal assets. For tenants, a personal home insurance policy does not cover loss of valuables, but it can be properly protected by a renter insurance.

Condo owners need to be protected against costly condo repairs and valuable loss or damage which can be achieved with a condo insurance policy.

You need an umbrella insurance to protect yourself as a residential owner and your entire family. The policy covers claims on top of vehicle or homeowner policy insurance protection.

Why Choose K&N Brokerage?

Expect nothing less than a smooth application process when you deal with K&N Brokerage for all your insurance needs. We can provide a wide array of insurance plans to suit your personal auto, home, or commercial needs. Our team can gather quotes in a short timeframe to offer you an affordable plan in a timely manner. For any service and product inquiries, our team of professional brokers is ready to provide detailed explanations for every insurance product.

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