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If you need several different insurance plans, start your search at K&N Brokerage. Our protection schemes are not only customizable depending on your needs, but are also extensive enough to cover liability and personal damage. With our easy application process and competitive insurance rates, K&N Brokerage is the one you need.

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About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state by area in the United States, with a population of nearly 1.1 million. Rhode Island, also called the “Ocean State”, has many scenic bays and inlets, taking up around 14% of its total area. In Rhode Island, there is a minimum amount of financial responsibility required of all drivers: $25,000 liability coverage for bodily injury or death of one person, $25,000 for property damage, and $50,000 coverage for total bodily injury or death.


Auto Insurance Brokerage Services in Rhode Island

Did you know that if you don’t have auto insurance, you might have your driver’s registration or license suspended? You’ll also have to pay up to $500 in reinstatement fees. Here’s where auto insurance helps: if you get into an accident, auto insurance can cover property damage and personal liability claims. Rhode Island is an at-fault state; whoever caused a car accident is responsible for covering losses. Thus, auto insurance in Rhode Island minimizes how much you’ll pay out of pocket¬– insurance covers most of the cost, up to policy limits.

Commercial Insurance Brokerage Services in Rhode Island

Use commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicles and drivers against claims of loss, bodily injuries, and property damage.

If you’re a landlord, get a landlord insurance policy so you don’t end up with financial losses from liability claims and repair work costs.

For employers, consider a workers’ compensation insurance policy to protect yourself against workplace accident claims.

For company owners who wish to cover their commercial entity from claims against their products, general insurance is ideal– you’ll be covered against claims of bodily injury and property damage.

If you own a business, business owners’ insurance can minimize or prevent business risks that would otherwise cause major financial losses.


Home Insurance Brokerage Services in Rhode Island

Home insurance can fully protect you against property loss. It covers your entire property and all personal belongings inside your home. If you’re renting, you might not need home insurance, but renters’ insurance still protects against personal property damage and loss.

If you own a condo, a condo insurance policy is what you’ll need; it covers loss of belongings and condo repair.

For protecting homeowners and household members, umbrella insurance is essential– it covers claims on top of existing auto insurance or homeowner insurance.

Why Choose K&N Brokerage?

At K&N Brokerage, our knowledgeable brokers are experienced in serving clients from all walks of life. We provide top-quality service for everyone that walks through our doors, strengthening our relationships. Our brokers will patiently clarify all your questions about each insurance policy. With our support, each application you make will be a breeze.

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