Can You Drive A Car Without Insurance?

Auto insurance or car insurance is a contract whereby you pay premiums in exchange for the insurance firms paying for any damage or losses in a car accident. Depending on your policies, it can cover even medical bills, legal fees, theft, and many more. In most states, you are required to have liability coverage as per the liability coverage limit laws. However, it may seem very troublesome to get auto insurance, but what happens when you don’t have one? Find out the consequences that come when you drive without insurance. 

Lack of Proof

Make sure you have proof of insurance at all times. The lack of proof of insurance is a different violation which is usually less serious than the lack of insurance. If you are stopped by law enforcement without any proof on you, you will be liable for fines and penalties. Not to worry though because as long as you are able to show proof of insurance within a 24 to 72 hours timeframe, your ticket for failure to carry proof of insurance will be nullified.

Consequences from Accidents

If you are found to be responsible for a car accident, the other driver can sue you for the damages caused and costs incurred. Without insurance, you will have to pay possibly up to thousands of dollars out of pocket. Even if you are not at fault, you will be unable to receive any compensation for the damages caused to the car or the injuries you or your passenger sustained. On the other hand, with insurance, the claims adjuster will investigate the accident to determine who is responsible and negotiate with the other driver’s insurance firm on your behalf.

Fines And Penalties

If you are found to not have insurance, you can be penalized heavily. Most states will typically suspend your license and fines can go up to $5,000. In 22 states, there is an active monitoring program that identifies uninsured drivers. With the program, you can be fined or penalized without being pulled over by law enforcement. In addition to the penalties, law enforcement can tow and impound your vehicle at their own discretion. In such a situation, you will be responsible for the towing and impounding fees.

Get Insurance With K&N Brokerage

Now that you know the importance of driving with insurance, you may be wondering where you should get your auto insurance from and what coverage you should get. Here at K&N Brokerage, we have extensive knowledge about auto insurance laws. We can evaluate your needs, driving history, and background to recommend to you the most suitable insurance policies.

Fret not about the time as unlike other types of insurances, getting car insurance can be fairly quick. As long as you have all the required documents, your application can be completed as quickly as half an hour and in most cases, the policy will be issued within the same day. So, hurry up and ensure you are insured so you can avoid these consequences. Contact us now and get a consultation with our car insurance specialists!