Can You Get Car Insurance With A Permit?

Provided you have a permit, you might be able to purchase a car. Unfortunately, without a full and valid driver’s license, it isn’t possible to register the car, making it difficult to file for car insurance. In most cases, insurance companies will not completely insure a driver with a permit. However, if you reside with other people that have auto insurance, you might be considered as eligible personnel to be covered under their policy.


What Are Driving Permits?

Getting a permit is essentially a prerequisite to obtaining a license, something that allows you to practice driving before going on to take your written and practical driving tests that will eventually get you a valid driver’s license. Driving permits and licenses come in three phases, namely:

  • Learner’s Permit: A learner’s permit comes with strict driving restrictions and will require a licensed driver to be in the car alongside the learner at any given point in time.
  • Intermediate License: Intermediate licenses only apply to teenagers getting their license while below the age of 18. With an intermediate license, you will have more freedom to drive as compared to the learner’s permit, but under more restrictions as compared to a full driver’s license.
  • Driver’s License: After passing both written and driving tests, individuals over the age of 18 will be awarded a full driver’s license that allows them to drive with full freedom.

Insurance Limitations

Given the different types of permits and licenses, one can be confused as to whether they are considered eligible for auto insurance. If you somehow bought a car before obtaining a driver’s license, you still won’t be able to register it under your name. As such, they would instead have to be registered under the name of someone you trust that has a proper driving license. Otherwise, the vehicle can also be jointly registered under the names of both yourself and another licensed driver.

In most cases, you will still be covered under insurance policies even if you only hold a learner’s permit. However, do note that permit holders aren’t listed on the policy itself, and are only covered as an extension of their guardian or parent’s insurance policy.

Buying Insurance with a Permit

As such, buying insurance without a driver’s license can prove to be tricky. While there might be certain ways to get around limitations, trouble can follow the moment you cannot name a fully-licensed primary driver. As such, if you are planning to purchase insurance for your vehicle with just a permit, you should always have a family member as the primary driver for the vehicle. Having a family member as the primary driver makes it easy for communication and justification for insurance companies.

Auto Insurance Policies

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