Differences Between Liability And Comprehensive Car Insurance

It’s advisable to first understand how much insurance you need, the different types of coverage in existence, and more, in order to find the car insurance policy that’s right for you. When it comes to decision-making and car insurance, one of your first moves will be to figure out what the difference is between liability and comprehensive car insurance, and which will suit your needs better.

Here’s an oversimplified explanation:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This covers property damage to your own vehicle, as long as the damage wasn’t a result of the collision. 
  • Liability: Damages to others are covered by this type of insurance.

How much protection will you need? Let’s look a little bit further into each of these types of insurance and put forth some other suggestions that may be helpful. Later, we’ll fill you in on how to shop for the best, most affordable insurance.


Comprehensive Insurance

When you consider all the bells and whistles a policy can have, you may think that’s what you’re getting when you hear the term “comprehensive”. That’s not really the case. Included in a “full coverage” policy would be comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance. So, comprehensive is an inclusion of full coverage.

But let’s talk about comprehensive coverage. Following vehicle incidents (unrelated to collision), repairs to your vehicle will be paid for by comprehensive insurance. Think of it as animal collisions, falling objects, natural disasters, weather damage, theft, and vandalism.

Up to its actual cash value, comprehensive and collision insurance will pay for your car’s damages.

Liability Coverage

To cover the cost of injuries to others and damage caused in an accident (that is your fault), most states require liability insurance. However, injuries to yourself and/or damage to your car are not covered by your liability insurance. It only covers what you are legally liable for – the damage to others.

Two different components make up liability coverage:

  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury liability

Should You Just Get Liability or Comprehensive Insurance?

To answer that question, here are three more questions to consider:

  • In order to make comprehensive coverage worth it, is my car valuable enough?
  • Is comprehensive worth the extra cost if my state doesn’t require it?
  • Rather than comprehensive coverage, when is the only requirement to have liability insurance?

The answers to those questions should help you decide whether liability and/or comprehensive is best for your situation.

Here’s how to locate the best, most affordable insurance policy…

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