Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting A Deer?

Though hitting a deer is more probable near parks, wooded areas, and in the country, it can still happen in the city. In the best case scenario, very little damage is done to your car, though the deer may not fare quite as well. In the worst case scenario, your car is totaled, and you (and possibly passengers) are injured. Deer/vehicle collisions can run from mild to devastating, and everything in between.

If you struck a deer with your vehicle, would your auto insurance cover the damages to your car? If you live in an area where deer are in abundance, this is an important question to ask before you sign on the dotted line to purchase insurance.

In fact, we are going to pose a number of questions related to hitting a deer so you can be better informed – just in case.


Am I Covered If I Hit a Deer?

If your insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, your deer run-in should be covered. You will have to pay the deductible amount for your comprehensive policy, however.

The reason you’re covered is that comprehensive insurance deals with damages resulting from something other than collisions – even though, in essence, you did collide with the deer. Your insurance company isn’t going to pay for damages if you only have liability coverage.

Are Damages Covered If I Swerve to Miss a Deer?

Comprehensive insurance is used to file a claim when you hit a deer. But it’s going to be a collision claim if you crashed because you swerved to miss the deer. Because you didn’t actually hit the animal, even though they caused you to crash, a comprehensive claim will not be used in this case. Collision coverage will cover your damages if you swerve to miss that deer and hit a tree, another car, roll your vehicle, or hit some other object.

Is a Police Report Needed?

To file a comprehensive claim in this case, a police report may not be specifically required by your insurance company. It never hurts, however, to let the authorities know what happened. Should questions arise, you can prove you hit a deer because you filed a report.

Will the State Cover My Deductible?

In short – no. The deer isn’t controlled by the state any more than you could have controlled the deer.

When You Need Insurance Against Vehicle/Animal Collisions– K&N Insurance Brokerage

Do you need the kind of car insurance that’s going to cover striking an animal with your vehicle? Will you be traveling to an area where deer are in abundance or do you already live in one? Regardless, it’s not at all unusual to, at some point in your life, strike an animal on the road.

Will you be covered if you do? With the right kind of insurance, your property will be better protected. K&N Insurance Brokerage would like to help you experience significant savings with no agendas or fast talk. You can phone us (866-643-1567) or visit our website to get exclusive discounts and rates.