Does Your Car Insurance Cover Animal Collisions?

Animals on the road cause numerous car accidents annually. Frequently, it’s impossible to avoid them. They dart out from nearby forests, between homes, from tall weeds, etc. They are completely unpredictable. You don’t have to live in a wild, farming, or wooded area to run into an animal with your vehicle. Those circumstances often offer that risk, however. If you live in an area such as those just listed, you may wonder, “Does car insurance cover animal collisions?” 

Let’s take a look at some surrounding circumstances to determine if the insurance covers animal collisions.

Animal Accidents Are Covered by A Comprehensive Insurance

You can save time and money if, when handling an animal damage insurance claim, you know how to do so and what damage to look for. Here’s some advice:

  • Your deductible must be exceeded by the cost of damage. If not, for the full repair costs, you’ll be responsible.
  • Only if you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage will all animal/vehicle accidents be potentially covered by your insurance. If you need help with claim filing, call your insurance agent. Make sure you record all the damage with photos if at all possible.

Note: It’s essential you make a police report. Granted, there is no one to ticket or arrest. But it’s verification that the accident happened where your insurance company is concerned. Filling out an accident with the police offers the insurance company the proof they need.

Animals You May Encounter

You may run across – literally – all sorts of animals during your travels. Here are a few you may encounter and tips, specifically, regarding each: 

  • Cows – Much like hitting a deer, due to the size of the animal, major damage can be sustained if you have a collision with a cow. As with dogs (see below) the responsibility for the damage done (and repairs) falls on the owner because the cow shouldn’t have been on the road.
  • Raccoons – Get your car checked out immediately, particularly if you drive a compact and you hit a raccoon. Despite their size, a lot of damage can be done.
  • Birds – Windshields are the part of a vehicle most frequently damaged in collisions with birds. Deductibles are waived by some local glass companies. So, if you have a deductible, check around. 
  • Dogs – If you hit a dog and the dog damages your car, the owner is actually responsible for damage/repair costs. Clearly, the dog was not appropriately restrained. Damages may be covered by your comprehensive insurance coverage if you can’t find the owner. A lot of emotion goes along with an accident such as this, however, so be prepared.
  • Deers – Passengers, drivers, and the car itself can be severely damaged by deer due to their size. Deer are frequently on the move around dusk and dawn, so be particularly attentive at those times. Additionally, for North American deer, mating season begins in October and runs through December.

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