Getting To Know Pennsylvania’s Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

To legally drive in Pennsylvania, the lowest amount of coverage you need is referred to as Pennsylvania’s state minimum car insurance. If you check with different companies and compare premium costs, you can find some very affordable rates. Better yet, allow an auto insurance brokerage to shop around for you.

When it comes to the minimum auto insurance coverage in Pennsylvania, however, there are some things you should absolutely know as a driver. First of all, be aware that your specific situation will be considered – in detail – to determine your policy rates. Without shopping from company to company, you may end up paying more than you have to. You might be surprised at how much different companies can vary from one quote to another.

Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies advertise like crazy that they are one of the most affordable companies out there. They try to convince you they’ll bend over backward to give you the lowest rate. The thing about insurance companies is that their number one concern is the company itself. If you want to get the best rates from the best companies, get to know us at K&N Brokerage. We have your interest at heart.

Here’s an example of how much even the most affordable companies can differ. The companies quoted here shall remain nameless. These are basic policies:

  • $373 per year
  • $773 per year

The Age of the Driver

Because they’re at greater risks for traffic incidents, for auto insurance, higher rates will be paid by new, inexperienced drivers. There are, however, companies that offer relatively affordable car premiums to college students and high school students.

Marital Status and Gender

On average, in Pennsylvania, car insurance amounts paid by women and men are almost the same. For a male driver, as an example, the price may be $1399, whereas, for a female driver, it could be $1413.

On auto insurance policies, just over $50 per year can be saved in Pennsylvania where married drivers are concerned. In a comparison of the nation’s insured motorist rates, some of the highest apply to Pennsylvania’s divorced drivers.

Accidents and/or Violations

Naturally, the fewer violations and accidents you have on your record, the better your rates for car insurance will be. Should you have damaging violations or accidents on your record, however, there are auto insurance policies/companies that gear their business specifically toward you and others in the same situation.

Credit Scores and Location

Many companies consider credit history and credit scores when they give quotes. Better credit scores frequently land better insurance costs.

Additionally, the city in which you live may have something to do with the affordability of your policy. Here are the cities in Pennsylvania that offer the cheapest insurance rates:

  • Lockhaven
  • Jersey shore
  • Belafonte

Here are the priciest cities:

  • Yeadon
  • Philadelphia
  • Darby

Do You Need Pennsylvania Auto insurance?

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