Home Insurance Tips For Fall And Winter Seasons

If you are experienced with home insurance, fall and winter probably stand out as important months for crucial types of coverage. Granted, disasters can occur any time of year. But seasons like fall and winter carry their own special little tricks that Mother Nature just loves to play.

Ideally, you want to prevent or at least reduce possible insurance risks. To do so, it’s best to keep your home safe and properly maintained. There are a number of common wintertime considerations that should be taken into account in pursuit of a safer, more well-maintained home. Let’s take a look at some tips for preparing your home for winter.

Home Fireproofing

In February, January, and December, more deaths occur from house fires than in any other season. This comes as a surprise to some people. It has to do, of course, with numerous holiday gatherings, but also because, in colder months, there is increased use of heaters. Not all space heaters are created equally. Make sure the one you’re using, if you do indeed use one, is safety certified and in proper working condition. Take all precautions recommended when using space heaters.

Minimize fire risks in the home by:

  • Making sure flammable items (furniture, napkins, curtains, etc.) and candles are kept far away from each other. 
  • Regularly testing your smoke alarms.
  • In key locations, keeping one or more working and charged fire extinguishers close at hand. Make sure everyone in the home is familiar with their usage.


You have to love technology. In today’s homes, the use of “smart” technology is at an all-time high. Smart water fixtures save water, Smart thermostats save on utilities, high-tech appliances save energy… and so much more. For some connected devices, the installation of them in your home may get you a discount on your insurance policy. Check with your agent.

Roof Inspections

In addition to gutters and drain inspections (see below), your roof should be regularly checked for leaks and damage. Comb over all the details. Look for missing or damaged shingles, obvious holes, leaks, cracks, etc. If you inspect your roof twice a year, this will likely be adequate. More if you experience severe weather with a lot of blowing debris, freezing temperatures, etc.

Gutters and Drains

Every once in a while, either you or someone you hire should go up on your roof and make sure gutters are clear. You should also inspect drains to make sure they are not clogged. If there’s a problem with either of these, excess water can build and, in winter, end up freezing. This is an invitation for disaster where homeowners are concerned.


Burglaries are always a risk even though, in winter, burglaries tend to be lower. Particularly during the holiday season with lots of packages coming to homes, a very real concern is porch theft. A home security system installation should definitely be considered to help minimize these risks. In some cases, you may get a break on your homeowners’ insurance if you have a security system installed with motion detectors, cameras, etc.

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