Home Maintenance In The Fall: How To Avoid Claims

When it comes to home maintenance, fall is an important time of year. You can reduce energy costs and save money on home insurance by following some basic home maintenance suggestions. Additionally, over the winter months, fall maintenance can help prevent property damage. Damage prevention can help to avoid insurance claims and keep your home insurance costs at a minimum. Are you a homeowner who could use a few tips as to how to guard your home against damage from seasonal conditions? To help you get started on protecting your home and avoiding unnecessary claims, here is a fall home maintenance checklist to look over and follow.


To avoid tree-related insurance claims, check for tree branches hanging over your home, car, etc. Here are some suggestions:

  • Near power lines and electrical posts, clear away branches and trees. 
  • If these branches get too close to the electrical lines and pose a threat to your safety, it’s time to call a professional to take care of the problem. Never put yourself at risk.
  • Tree branches hanging over your house can cause a problem, particularly if they are dead or weak. In a strong storm, they may crash down onto your roof/gutters and cause damage. Clear them away or have them cleared by professionals.

Outdoor Injury and Damage Prevention

Here are some tips to better protect you and your home out-of-doors:

  • Pathways from and to the doors of your home should always be clear.
  • Deck boards or patio stones should not be loose and should be as smooth as possible.
  • If strong winds threaten, put outdoor furniture in a garage or shed.
  • Make sure you light up pathways sufficiently.
  • In your garage, safely secure all tools, keep a walkway clear, and store flammable/dangerous materials properly.

Critters and Creatures

Particularly when the weather turns colder, critters and creatures look for a warm place to live. Unfortunately, they may choose your home. Here’s how to check for squirrels, mice, etc.:

  • Within your ceilings and walls, listen for strange sounds/noises.
  • So that animals can’t find their way into your home, make sure screening is put over bathroom fans, dryer vents, chimney tops, etc.
  • In the exterior walls and foundation of your home, keep an eye out for any cracks and holes. Occasionally walk your home’s perimeter with your eyes peeled.


Here are some suggestions to avoid roofing issues:

  • To make sure there are no shingles needing repair or replacement, check your roof. Make sure there is no buildup of debris and leaves if you have a flat roof.
  • Get the opinion of a roofer or other professional if you’re not sure whether or not repairs are needed or shingle replacement is required.
  • If it’s time to update your roof, check with your insurance broker to see if you can get any advantages or a discount on your policy after updates.
  • Check the attic and crawl spaces for damage and animals.
  • Before the weather gets too cold, check heating sources like fireplaces, the chimney, and your furnace.

Damage from Water

When it comes to home insurance claims, one of the most common causes is water damage. To avoid this, take care of these potential problems:

  • To clear blockages, frequently check drains and gutters so that they’re free-flowing.
  • During the winter months, the supply to your outdoor water faucets should be shut off.
  • Check to make sure the plumbing in your home is in good condition.
  • Water backup valves should be cleaned out if you have them.
  • Your water tank, its functionality, and its condition/age should be checked.
  • To avoid exterior damage, check for paint that may be peeling or chipping off the outer walls of your home.

Be More Energy-Efficient

Heat loss can be a problem, particularly in the colder months. Is your home losing valuable heat?

  • Check interior insulation. Additional insulation, exterior wall repair, or brick tuckpointing may be needed if, around electrical outlets or through walls you feel air coming in.
  • Over time, deterioration and wear can occur in thresholds, door seals, and window panes. Through the doors and windows of your home, air could be seeping in and/or out.

Note: Around your water tank, electrical box, furnace, take a moment to clear any boxes or other clutter that may have built up. Any and all obstructions should be cleared. In case of an emergency, these would be hard to access with all that clutter. Additionally, it can be a fire hazard.

K&N Insurance Brokerage Can Help Insure Your Home and Belongings

Without having to worry about damage to your home, K&N Insurance Brokerage wants you to be able to enjoy the beauty of autumn. For starters, follow the above-suggested maintenance tips. After that, we can be of assistance by helping you find the right renter’s insurance, homeowners insurance, condo insurance, automobile, boat, motorcycle insurance, and more. One or more of these policies will be of the utmost importance for the protection of you, your belongings, and your family.

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