How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost In New Jersey?

Liability insurance and PIP (personal injury protection) must be carried by all drivers in New Jersey. As a result, New Jersey is a no-fault state, thanks to the comprehensive coverage requirement.

New Jersey car owners must choose between standard or basic auto insurance types. Depending on the kind of insurance selected, your auto insurance cost in NJ can also be determined by a number of other factors. Driving record, credit score, and more all go into determining your insurance costs.

What Determines Your Insurance Cost?

As well as age and the state you drive/live in, certain factors determine your premium. These can include your risk level, credit rating, marital status, etc. What’s more, the types of insurance you want, and the amount of coverage for each policy, will determine your final annual cost.

An insurance brokerage – one of which we will recommend in a little while – can take a closer look at you, your needs, state requirements, and more. After examining these factors, and taking others into consideration, they can help you shop/customize the perfect insurance policy. Ideally, it will cover everything you need but be affordable as well.

Some Comparisons

Though companies vary greatly, we’ve found some of the more favorable quotes and coupled them with factors that may apply to you. Keep in mind that these are some of the most affordable rates we located, but a broker may be able to do even better. Additionally, these are averages and other factors may increase or decrease the quote.

  • Clean driving record and good credit: From $1301 annually to $1760 annually
  • Clean driving record but poor credit: From $2041 annually to $3804 annually
  • Clean driving record for a young driver: from $759 annually to $991 annually
  • For someone who recently got a speeding ticket: From $1723 annually to $2326 annually
  • Clean driving history, good credit, 25-year-old: From $1591 annually to $1964 annually

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