How To Get Your Boat And Motorcycle Ready For Winter

With the approaching cold weather, you may be wondering what to do about your adult toys. You know… RVs, motorcycles, boats, etc. Here, we are going to take a look at what should be done to prepare your boat and motorcycle for winter.

Getting Ready for Cold Weather

When some people put their boats and motorcycles in storage, they just put a cover over them and call it a day. However, for your toys to stay in top condition, this offers no guarantee. In the spring, you don’t want to find a cracked motorcycle head. You can kiss any savings goodbye if your boat engine or tanks freeze because there was water left in them.

Responsibilities come along with having expensive toys. That means taking good care of them no matter the season. Winterizing your vehicles is of the utmost importance.

Motorcycle Winterization

Proper attention needs to be paid to winterize your motorcycle even though it’s smaller than some of your other toys. You should do the following before winter:

  • Wash and wax your bike.
  • Change the oil filter and, of course, the oil.
  • To protect the engine and prevent rust in a gas tank full of fuel, add a fuel stabilizer.
  • To prevent binding and rusting, lubricate moving parts.
  • Hook up a battery tender or remove and charge the battery.
  • For proper antifreeze levels, check your coolant system (if applicable).
  • Move your bike to a shed, dry garage, or somewhere else warm for storage.
  • Protect the tires from developing flat spots and from moisture. With a motorcycle stand, keep the tires off the ground. Every few weeks, slightly rotate the tires. You can also put a buffer between the ground and the tire.
  • So that in the spring you don’t find an animal living in your bike, plug out pests. To avoid a corroded, rusted ride in the spring, cover your bike. 

Boat Winterization

It could cost you dearly if you don’t prepare your boat for winter. Do the following:

  • Remove any material susceptible to moisture and any water from the interior.
  • Make sure your boat is clean, washed, dry, and waxed.
  • Add stabilizer to full fuel tanks so that, next boating season, it’s ready to go.
  • Change the oil filter and, of course, the oil as well.
  • The coolant system should be drained and flushed. For more engine protection, fill the coolant system with an antifreeze solution that is properly diluted.
  • Protect the moving parts of the engine and boat by fogging and greasing.
  • Remove or loosen drive belts so they don’t crack.
  • Disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t drain. So you know it’s ready for spring, check it occasionally.
  • To protect against pests and animals, seal exhaust ports if your boat has them.
  • Cover your boat and store it indoors, on a dry stack, in a storage unit, etc.

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