Key Considerations When Purchasing Comprehensive Auto Insurance

You might already know that it is mandatory to have liability insurance in most states. But did you know that it only covers damages caused to the other party’s property? During a car accident, your vehicle will also sustain damages that will be hefty to repair. This is why you should consider getting more than just basic coverage. However, your vehicle might not only be damaged through car accidents, but it can also be damaged in various situations like a hailstorm, theft, or fire accident. To get the best coverage, you should purchase a comprehensive auto insurance. It can cover for damages caused to your car by any non-collision-related incidents. But is it the right policy for you? Read on to learn about the key considerations when purchasing comprehensive auto insurance.

Risk Exposure

You should assess the amount of risk that you and your car might be exposed to. For example, if you enjoy taking long weekend drives, you have a higher chance of accidentally hitting a deer and damaging your car hood. Other considerations include noting where you live. If your area is prone to natural calamities or disasters, it is best to get comprehensive auto insurance before the worst happens and you are left without a car.

A New Car

Have you recently just bought a new car? Well first off, congratulations on the purchase! Getting a new car is always a momentous event even if it is not your first one. Having a new car means that it is worth more as depreciation has not fully taken effect yet. In such cases, it is better to have fuller coverage to ensure the safety of your car and wallet. 

The State of Your Car

For those who have pricey and valuable cars, the comprehensive auto insurance is a must-have. You will need to protect your car at all costs and a comprehensive coverage provides that. If your car is not particularly expensive but it is precious or irreplaceable to you, you might also want to get a comprehensive insurance. This will ensure that you can easily fix up your car with little to no costs and have it be back to what it was.


A deductible refers to the amount that you have to pay by yourself before your insurance covers the rest. From here, you can calculate if it would be worth getting comprehensive coverage. If the deductible and the cost of the policy add up to more than the value of your car, then comprehensive insurance might not be for you

Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance With K&N Brokerage

K&N Brokerage provides a comprehensive auto insurance that extensively covers most situations outside of a collision. This includes, but is not limited to, theft, vandalism, natural calamities, civil disturbances, and hitting wildlife. Not only does our insurance cover a lot, but it is also good value for money. What are you waiting for? Ask our insurance specialists about our policies and get a quote that you are sure to be satisfied with!