Legal Essentials To Know About PA Auto Insurance

Specific minimum car insurance requirements have been established by each of the states in the US (all but New Hampshire and Virginia). Here, we will take a close look at the minimums required for PA auto insurance and insuring yourself for adequate protection.

In addition to the various minimum required auto insurance laws that apply to every state, the policies, types of coverage, and the companies that provide insurance differ greatly. It’s best to shop around when it’s time to choose auto insurance (or any insurance for that matter). What’s more, you may not want to simply settle for what’s required in your state. Make sure that, in the event of an accident or other type of incident, you are adequately protected financially and otherwise.

Automobile Insurance Requirements for Pennsylvania

All drivers in Pennsylvania must have auto insurance, as with most states. License suspension and/or fines can result if you drive without insurance. Also as with most states, property damage liability and bodily injury liability are requirements in Pennsylvania. Additionally, drivers are required by PA car insurance laws to carry PIP (personal injury protection) because it’s a no-fault state.

Personal Injury Protection

As mentioned, PIP (personal injury protection) must be carried by drivers because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. “First Party Medical Benefits” is another name this type of coverage may be called. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, medical bills incurred by passengers or the other driver will be covered/paid for. According to the law, $5000 is the minimum allowable amount of coverage.

Liability Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage – $15,000/$30,000 – must be carried by every PA driver according to the law. That means, for an injured person, $15,000 would be paid by your insurance company. Minus your deductible, all accident-related injuries would be paid for up to a total of $30,000.

What’s more, $5000 of property damage coverage is also required for all PA drivers.

The Right to Sue

There are a couple of options that will either allow you to sue the other driver for any and all injuries including pain-and-suffering, or which limit your options where a similar lawsuit is concerned. Carefully consider your options. Though you can still sue for injuries if you choose a “limited tort”, you will be more restricted. On the other hand, you can seek non-monetary damages compensation for scarring, permanent injuries, loss of life enjoyment, pain-and-suffering, etc. if you choose “full tort”.

Where to Go for Your PA Auto Insurance

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