Should You Choose Comprehensive Or Collision Car Insurance In NY

On your New York vehicle, you, as a New York driver, must carry a minimum of auto insurance. As long as the minimum requirements set forth by the state are met, it’s entirely up to you what kind of coverage you get. Your needs should be met as precisely as possible, but you still would like the policy to be as affordable as possible (more likely than not).

Collision car insurance in NY, and comprehensive insurance, are relied upon heavily. To protect yourself, your passengers, and to make sure others are covered in the event of an accident, adequate insurance is needed. Additionally, as just referenced, there are minimum legal requirements in New York where auto insurance is concerned.

Frequently, insurance policies that combine collision and comprehensive are purchased by today’s drivers. Here, we are going to clear up the similarities and differences between the two policies and how they work.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive coverage policies work when the phrase so frequently heard when dealing with insurance companies comes into play: “Acts of God”. When no collision is involved, vehicle damage received is frequently unpreventable and unpredictable. As an example, comprehensive policies cover acts such as vandalism, hail damage, a tree falling on your automobile, etc. (see below).

Comprehensive coverage is qualified for the following circumstances:

  • Falling branches, trees, and other falling objects
  • Theft
  • Animal-related crashes
  • Storm damage
  • Cracked windshield
  • Vandalism
  • Natural disasters

One of the most invaluable coverage policies you can have at your disposal is comprehensive insurance in the case of unpreventable accidents.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Let’s say your vehicle comes into contact with another object. Let’s further say you have collision coverage. What’s covered? If your vehicle is a total loss, you will get the cash value. Otherwise, damage repairs will be paid for. If you hit another object, and you’re at fault, this policy covers your vehicle. Collision coverage kicks in where the following scenarios are concerned:

  • If hit by someone else, damage to your vehicle
  • Damage from hitting a telephone pole, guardrail, or something else, with your car
  • After an accident caused by you, damage to your car

Through the other person’s liability insurance policy, you’ll need to pursue repairs should they hit you. If no plan is carried by the other driver, or you’re underinsured, you’ll need to use your own coverage. Where other drivers involved in the accident are concerned, these policies do not provide relief.

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