Signs You Need To Switch To A New Auto Insurance Provider

According to Business Insider, Americans spend on average about $2,388 per year on car insurance. Your insurance rate is based on many different factors such as your age or where you live. One of the most important factors in how much you are paying is the company that you’re getting your insurance from. If you’re to spend this much on car insurance each year, you would surely want to know if you are with the right insurance provider. Are you doubting your current provider? Read on to see what are the signs that you should switch to new auto insurance.

Getting A New Car

Congratulations on getting a new car! With the purchase of a new vehicle, you may find that your insurance needs have changed. You want to work with the best insurance firm to protect your precious new car to its fullest. Don’t settle for your current insurance provider, this is the chance for you to look around and find a better deal.

Rising Rates

Do you find yourself asking why your car insurance premiums keep going up? As a long-term customer of an insurance company, this should not happen so frequently as to cause you to ask that. Good auto insurance firms repay their loyal customers with the best rates. They would typically provide better rates to you than to a new customer. Find an insurance provider that rewards you for your loyalty.

Bad Customer Service

You realize that you haven’t received the check for your recent claim. Calling into customer service, you are just met with automated response or are put with someone who is unable to answer all of your queries. You go onto their website to find answers only to find it hard to navigate and not have anything you are looking for. They are even ignoring your emails. These are ways in which the customer service of an insurance company is bad. If your current insurance provider commits any of these mistakes, it might be time to switch to a new one. The best insurance companies provide excellent customer service to all their customers.

Lacking Coverage

The best insurance does not mean the cheapest one. Make sure to look over the coverage in your insurance. A cheap policy typically only covers the most basic of situations like paying the damages of the other drivers but does not cover the other important costs like repair costs or medical bills. A good insurance company provides the best value for money. Not only will the price of the policy be below, but the coverage will also be extensive.

Get An Insurance With K&N Brokerage

How many of these red flags do you see in your current insurance company? Then it just might be time to switch to a new auto insurance. Here at K&N Brokerage, we provide the best coverages at the most competitive rates. Our car insurance specialists are able to evaluate your needs, driving history, and background to recommend the best-suited insurance policies for you. Contact us now to get a quote and a consultation with our car insurance specialists!