Tips To Deter Holiday Home Insurance Claims

When it comes to home insurance, holidays are an important time your coverage may come in handy. Naturally, you want to have your homeowner’s insurance active all year round. But even during the most wonderful time of the year, bad things can happen. When they do, you will be glad you spent a little time and money deciding on and purchasing homeowners insurance. However, even if you have insurance, you may not want to be in the position of having to file a claim. Here are some tips to help you deter holiday home insurance claims.

Homeowners Insurance During the Holidays

With a solid home insurance policy and some preventative action, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season with fewer risks. Your personal insurance policies should be reviewed now if you haven’t already, in preparation for the holidays. Make sure you have the insurance you need by seeing to it that everything below is covered.

Buildings and Personal Property

The following situations can, at least in part, be insured by the section of your policy referred to as “Personal Property and Buildings”.

  • Electrical equipment overload – With all of the inflatable yard ornaments, Christmas/holiday lights, mechanical displays, and more, it’s not at all uncommon to experience electrical overloads. Electrical equipment malfunction or failure is to blame for approximately 43% of Christmas tree fires.
  • Faulty filters/blocked dryer vents causing fires – It’s a challenge, particularly during the holidays, to keep up with laundry. What is the current state of your dyer vent? Have you even checked lately?
  • Blocked chimneys causing fires – If you have a fireplace, and you can’t remember the last time you had a cleaning done on the flue, it’s high time!
  • Candles starting fires – New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Christmas are the top days for candle-related fires. In fact, 8% of Christmas tree fires are caused by candles.
  • Fires caused by cooking – The likelihood of kitchen fires increases in part because people are frequently distracted during the holidays.
  • Fires caused by Christmas/holiday trees – Every year, property damage equaling more than $14 million occurs as a result of holiday tree fires. What’s more, compared to other fires, death is more frequent as a result of these.
  • Theft – Renters and homeowners insurance cover more than fires. Break-ins and the resulting property damage, loss of personal belongings, and more are also covered. If holiday gifts are stolen, those treasured items can be covered, at least in part, by insurance.

A Quick Word about Liability Insurance

The holidays, in households across the nation, are a time for family and friends to visit each other. Because people can and do get hurt on private property, there should be a “Personal Liability” component contained within your homeowner’s insurance. In the following situations, this will add additional protection:

  • Too much celebrating – During a gathering or party at your home, the chance of a guest getting hurt increases because of alcohol, general merriment, and fatigue. You may even be held liable if, on their way home, they’re involved in an accident after drinking too much at your party.
  • Injuries to visitors – Common causes of accidents in the home, particularly during the holidays, are falls and trips. Because furniture isn’t where it usually is (it may have been moved to make room for decorations, a tree, extra seating, etc.), even family members might be tripping over something that’s not in its usual place. If someone is injured in a fall or trip while visiting your home, their medical expenses will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Count on K&N Insurance Brokerage – Particularly During the Holidays

We, at K&N Insurance Brokerage, want you to have the best holiday season possible. We can be of assistance in your pursuit of an enjoyable holiday season by helping you find homeowners insurance, condo insurance, renters, boat, automobile, motorcycle insurance, and more. One or more of these policies will help protect you, your belongings, and your family against whatever may transpire – even during “the most wonderful time of the year”.

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