What Is The No-Fault Auto Insurance Law In Florida?

To date, unless government officials can accomplish big changes, Florida is still a no-fault state when it comes to auto collisions and insurance. Bodily injury coverage is not required in Florida, making it one of only two in the United States not to do so. State lawmakers have already passed legislation that would require drivers in Florida to have more insurance than they are currently required to have.

In April, lawmakers overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 54. Essentially, it would require, per vehicle, more minimum coverage and would do away with the “no-fault” status in Florida. Until it is officially made law, however, Florida residents/drivers still only need to abide by the no-fault auto insurance law in Florida.

Minimal Required Auto Insurance in Florida

Statewide, the following minimum mandatory insurance requirements are put forth by the state of Florida:

PDL (property damage liability) in the amount of $10,000

PIP (personal injury protection) in the amount of $10,000

Specifically, some lawmakers/government officials want Florida to insist that drivers also carry coverage for bodily injury liability. Reportedly, the ball is in Gov. DeSantis’s court as to what will happen. In 1979, the no-fault law went into effect, and it has stayed that way ever since. Some people think, due to current medical expenses and other costs, the law fails to keep a realistic pace with the changing times.

Why Was No-Fault Insurance Created?

So crash victims who were injured, without putting lawsuit burdens on the court system, could obtain quick relief, the no-fault insurance was created. So what’s the problem? Unfortunately, in order to get fair PIP compensation, drivers frequently have to put up a fight with their insurers. To pursue damages against the at-fault vehicle owner/driver, they have to step outside the no-fault system. They can technically do that if they meet the serious injury threshold and use up all of the PIP compensation.

Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

To make up for where no-fault insurance is lacking, people are relying on UIM or UIM insurance. The truth is, those are good insurance policies to have, regardless. In Florida, UIM/UM coverage is not a requirement. But it must be declined in writing and insurers must offer it. Compared to the rest of the country, some of the highest car insurance rates are paid in Florida.

What If the New Law Passes?

If the new law gets passed, whether your individual coverage would decrease or increase pretty much depends on the amount of auto insurance coverage you purchase. Your rates would likely increase if you currently purchase no BIL and only purchase the minimum PIP. But, because you’d no longer need to buy PIP, your rates would likely go down if, by your own choice, you purchase BIL.

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