Why You Need Home And Auto Insurance During The Holidays

When it comes to home/auto insurance, holidays definitely are a particular time when they’re good to have. Whether you’re looking for holiday home insurance or homeowners insurance, it’s much better to have them all year round. 

With all of that said, we are going to take a look at having your auto policy and your homeowners policy in place and updated. Take a moment before the holidays really kick into gear and review your policies to make sure you are sufficiently covered.

Do you have the auto insurance you need?

Just because it’s Christmas, don’t think for one single moment that car thieves are going to take it easy on you or anyone else. Quite the opposite, in fact. Though holiday grumpiness may be spotlighted on the Grinch, not enough attention is apparently paid to car thieves. We say that because, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2019, in excess of 537,000 vehicles were taken illegally. As a result, nationwide, over $6 billion was lost.

Granted, specifically on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day, there is less activity by car thieves. But around the holidays in general, they really don’t slow down very much.

Homeowners Insurance During The Holidays

For a homeowner, there are numerous reasons to have a policy in place for the protection of yourself, your family, your house, and your possessions. You’re also protecting yourself financially against someone suing you if they get hurt on your property. You shouldn’t assume that, just because they slipped and fell outside your home during Christmas (or another festive holiday), they won’t sue you for their injuries.

The following are reasons to have your homeowner’s policy updated and in place around the holidays (and precautions to take):

  • Valuables, presents, collectibles, etc. need to be protected in case of damage or theft.
  • If you are having a holiday party, you might want to have a bonded, licensed, and insured professional (i.e., valet, bartender, caretaker, service provider) plan and/or participate in the event.
  • Make sure that food preparation and cooking are done safely and appropriately. It certainly wouldn’t do to have someone get food poisoning from your holiday feast.
  • Protect yourself against getting sued as a result of slips and falls by having sidewalks, walkways, stairs, porches free from debris, and well-salted.

Serving Alcohol at Your Event?

If alcohol will be served at your function: 

  • Make sure you call guests a taxi service if they drink too much and it’s time to go home.
  • If any guest appears intoxicated, stop serving them.
  • Before the party ends (1 to 2 hours), stop serving alcohol.
  • Also, offer virgin cocktails and/or nonalcoholic drinks if you’re serving alcohol at your function.

K&N Insurance Brokerage Can Help Keep The Holidays Happy

During the holidays and all year round, K&N Insurance Brokerage offers the kind of homeowners insurance that every condo ownerhouse owner, a mobile homeowner needs to keep their property, possessions, family, and themselves protected. 

But that’s not all! We can also be of assistance by helping you find the right motorcycle insurance, automobile, boat insurance, and more. One or more of these policies will be crucial for the protection of you, your belongings, and your family.

Get an easy, quick, and free insurance quote online, or call us for an instant quote at 866-517-8268.