Will A Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Did you run a red light? Maybe you got caught speeding. You may even have done something as seemingly insignificant as merge into the wrong lane and forgot to signal your intention. Regardless, the officer who spoke with you thought the offense was serious enough to write you a ticket. Now the question is, “Will my ticket affect car insurance rates immediately, in the future, or at all?”

First and foremost, in most cases, your car insurance will be affected by a speeding ticket. It will probably increase. As a part of your driving record, speeding tickets tell insurance companies (and others) about your driving habits. Information deemed from your driving record may be considered when making an insurance claim and will help determine your risk, where insurance companies are concerned.

Their perception? Traffic violations on your driving record mean you’re more at risk of an accident. So, insurance will cost more.

Increases After Tickets

Though some tickets are considered serious enough that certain insurance companies won’t renew your policy as a result, usually, rates will simply increase. Between insurance companies, speeding ticket-related insurance cost increases will vary. Taken into consideration will be the following factors:

  • In excess of the speed limit, how many miles per hour (how fast) were you going?
  • Since your last moving violation, how much time has passed?
  • Was this a first offense ticket?
  • What does your previous driving record look like?

Can You Lower Your Premiums?

To once again get your auto insurance where it should be, cost-wise, you may want to consider the following:

  • Take a course in safe driving
  • After some serious insurance policies/agent/company examination, you may want to make some changes.
  • Make safe driving your focus.

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